SkinPen Microneedling

We are excited to offer the SkinPen microneedling technique for improvement in skin texture and tone, fine lines, sun damage, and scarring. SkinPen features the most advanced microneedling technology on the market today and is safe for all skin types. SkinPen is designed to stimulate the skin’s natural wound healing ability which produces new collagen and elastic tissue, firming the skin.

The SkinPen treatment is performed with a sterile, disposable cartridge of 12 tiny needles which moves up and down as the SkinPen glides across the skin surface. The depth and speed are adjustable for customizing treatment to each patient. Depending on the goals of treatment, 3-6 sessions will be required in most cases and are done at 4 week intervals. The SkinPen is safe for all skin types and has minimal downtime. Most treated individuals are red and slightly puffy immediately after the treatment but are back to normal as soon as 1-3 days. Makeup can be worn the day after the treatment.

For more information, please call our office at 469-232-9300.

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