Sun Damage

Pixel Fractional Resurfacing

Pixel fractional resurfacing provides firming of the skin and improves skin texture and tone, sun damage, wrinkles and many types of scars with minimal downtime.

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SkinPen Microneedling

The SkinPen microneedling technique for improvement in skin texture and tone, fine lines, sun damage, and scarring. SkinPen features the most advanced microneedling technology on the market today and is safe for all skin types.

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Q-switched Ruby Laser

One bad sunburn may leave large freckle-like spots in it’s wake. Brown spots (“liver spots”, “age spots”, “sun spots”) on the face, hands, and arms and other areas give a false impression of age.

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MegaPeel Microdermabrasion

MegaPeel microdermabrasion is an FDA approved technique for use in skin rejuvenation. This procedure is sometimes referred to as the “lunch time peel” because it can be performed in less than an hour and requires no recovery period.

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Honors & Awards